Expanded text are the new text ads in google adwords with extra character limit for your promotional content. It helps to showcase the more content related to your services & products rather than less text in standard text ads.


Please find the below steps to create the expanded text ads.

  1. Login to yours google adwords account
  2. Select the campaign where you want to create the ad
  3. Select text ads under the +Ads icon drop down menu


4. Select the ad group, after that you will see the expandable text ads format     


5. Final url: type your landing page url, where you want to land the user after clicking on the ads

6. Headline 1: type your content in 30-character limit including space.

7. Headline 2: type your content in 30-character limit including space.

8. Description: Add some more content to show on your ads.

9. Path: this the display url, so type text in the path which you want to add after your website url



  1. Finally save Ads

Congratulation you have created your expanded text ad.