Google Adwords is an awesome & easy to use marketing tool. Once you have done the setup then you can run your campaigns very easily and grow your ROI. Today we will learn how to set up your first google AdWords Account.

Step 1.
Open the Url: 
Once you will open the URL, you will see a button “Start Now”. Just Click on that button. 

Step 2.
After Clicking on start now button you will land on AdWords setup page with a welcome message from Google. Here AdWords will ask you some details. Like Business, campaign, billing & review but no need to fill up right now. Just click on the link skip the guided Set-up.

Step 3
Enter you email address - you can use any email id like Gmail id or company id too. 
Select your Country 
Tim zone
Then click on tab- save & continue
(note: please select email id & currency carefully because after creating the account it cannot be changed.)

Step 4
Create yours google account (only if you have don’t have any gmail id or unverified id then first you will create the gmail id & then verify that id by clicking the link which has been just sent by adwords to the same id)
Provide the followings details like – first name, last name, password, date of birth, phone no (if you want to skip verification otherwise simply submit the verification code) then tick mark the google terms & conditions after that click on next step.     
 Great, now you are just one step away. Although your account has been set up which you can see on the top right corner with Google AdWords customer ID & email. (note id down for your reference) but just one confirmation is pending and for the same, you will get a confirmation link on your email id. Just log in your email & click on confirmation link.

Step 5 
Create your First Campaign
Click on the tab – create campaign
Here you go to make your first AdWords campaign by providing following details.
Campaign name – this would be your campaign name
Type -   there are 6 types of campaign, select as per your choice
Network-  untick network where you do not wish to show your ads
Bid strategy – select manual bidding>manual CPC
Budget - this the daily budget for your campaign
Then Click save & continue

Step 6
Create an Ad group
Submit the following details
Ad group name
Create ad
Then again click on save & continue to billing

Step 7
Account Setup (this is the billing account of your adwords campaign)
Select your country
Provide all billing information like
Tax info
Name & address
Primary contact
How you pay
What you pay with
Agree to the terms & condition
Finally, click on complete signup

Great you have created yours google AdWords account with the first campaign.
I hope you find this useful but still if you have any query, please feel free to ask by commenting.