What is Google Adwords?

There are many definition or explanation for Google Adwords, but sometimes people get confused about it, especially a beginner. So without making it complex, here is the simple detail about google adwords.

Google Adwords is an online marketing tool or you can say an interface which is created by google to run the promotional campaigns.  In companies, we simply say it Adwords not the full name Google Adwords. So if someone ask what is adwords then don’t get confused. Google Adwords & Adwords both are same.

What is the use of Google Adwords?

As explained above it is a very important tool to initiate your online promotion on google properties like – google search page, google display network, product listing ads (PLA)/google shopping ads & Youtube. With the help of this tool you not only just start your campaigns but also optimize as per your business goal or requirement. In Adwords, you can create multiple campaigns and set up the budgets for each individual campaigns separately. 

What is the cost of Google Adwords?

Don’t worry about the cost its completely free.

I hope now it’s clear that what is Google Adwords. If still you have any query, please feel to ask us.