Today this article i am specially writing for millennials where they are in a phase of starting up their career and  chooses of where they will be in life ahead and what they would do for whole of their lives.

Yes! Their whole life. Very easy to choose what your friend is doing and walk in the same lane but, I believe identifying what you like is more important rather than sitting in the same boat just to enjoy and making yourself heading with people on the same path where they like you to head them with.

Initial few years of your life will decide how frustrated or happy you would be in your life. You are the only career counsellor of yourself who would decide which highway you would be taking to reach your destination.

I would always suggest discover what your skills and abilities are and then choose your career. Always doing what you love or what your passion is not advisable. You need to identify your goals and what you are capable of doing. I would always advice youngsters to start at an early age and try with internships in which have interest in, which we help them to explore their interest area and they will discover if actually their love and passion towards something can be converted in their occupation which they need to do it for whole life.

Every morning should be a new one with enthusiasm to learn new things. It becomes difficult for an individual to wake up with a feeling that they don’t want to go for work. Before it was a trend to choose a career from major three streams which was commerce, science and arts but now the era has changed and new talent is been appreciated which ever career line you choose.

Try taking up challenges and discover new if you think you are not happy with your job and try doing what you think would be a great job when you will do it. Your job should not be a decision of your friends, parents and society, because the job you would be doing or the career you would be choosing is something you would be doing and not them.


Your work place can be fancy but your job can be suffocating for you. When your employer is paying to you he would also expect the deliverables so choosing a right career there becomes a major issue. If not chosen correctly can hamper professional and personal life. To lead a happy life job satisfaction and career fulfilment is the only option to be happy so I would always advice chooses a career wherein you are happy and not allow people choose your career for you.

Make your priorities clear. Your job will be a less paying one but if it makes you happy I don’t think the money coming from unhappy job would give you satisfaction and motivation to you to go on work every day. Don’t get into a situation where you cannot run from.

I would always suggest youngsters to take up career test, it won’t give you the prefect results of what career you should opt for but yes it would help you to analysis what you are good at. Make sure you know your strength and weakness to analyse what is your future and decide what you need to do in life. Take risk at what so ever age you feel that you should do a career shift. It is a risk but you never know how helpful it can be for you at least you will get self satisfaction and no regrets when you die of not doing something you could have. Try talking to people who are in the industry you have interest in and what to explore. People in the same industry would give you a real picture of how things work because it may seem fancy but it might be tough to match your skill set and values in the career you want to go for, so you will get a clarity if you want to do it or not.

Just one life remember folks! Live it or waste it that also you will decide.