Karma! Vicious circle. Have heard about it right? But how shopping could be a vicious circle for you. Sometimes your guilt will tell you to take your purchase back but that would encourage to go again on shopping spree. It’s like consumption of drugs which affect your brain so much that u could control to shop.

Emotional Attachment
With it be with humans or not but with Clothes, Shoes, Perfumes, Bags is a emotional connect which now a days human breed experience, specially women. They loose control over their behavior while shopping. Infact it is a reaction to the feeling while they are angry and depressed.
Financial Disturbance

Shopaholic are one which love to shop and have that financial balance to spend but the addiction towards it will while shopping will show that you are in debt but will still shop instead of the fact from where the money will come. We end up buying things which we would not even use or wear but still have that strong urge to buy and spend which your budget won’t allow.

It starts with fun habit but it turns to depression and stress when you don’t do it. It is a serious problem prevailing among women which we can consider as a disease among them.


YES, this disease is curable ladies! I would recommend to all the ones who have disease if shopping including me to take some steps towards this situation because obviously this is not something great you are doing by buying such stuff which you rarely use or which is not required in your closet but still you buy.

Monthly accountability can be noted down and wardrobe management should be adopted as a habit and also I would recommend to have some shopping rules for ourselves which are not to be broken of course.

Debbie Roes is a blogger who wanted to get over this shopping drug and adopted a project known as project333 which says that one get dressed using only 33 items for a 3-month period.  ‘Purists’ of this challenge include shoes and accessories in their count, but she opted to only include clothing items when it was her first time. All of her other clothes were stored away in boxes or in other closets.

This experiment could help us also ladies! Shopping is like a ice cream truck for all of us. You won’t ever get satisfy how much ever you have but it will definitely increase the number of calories and inches in your body at end of the day.  Think about this ;)