It won’t really be fair if we say parents don’t things we which learn but to if we see other part of story side yes people there are things which parents actually don’t teach us and which know it well;)First thing which comes to everyone’s mind would be Done it and showed it to parents to do corrections if you were wrong somewhere? No right! ;) This is something which we do but can never ask and discuss SEX with our parents.

What if while doing caught by parents or they told you to come on video chat. Sex is something which they don’t teach us but we learn to do it our own and only subject in our life ENJOY to study. Correct me if I am wrong ;)

Things not to do - So, My mom told me not to talk with some guy I was talking with! Oo, so why she said no? What is the problem with this particular guy? Why she is stopping me to meet him? So we don’t understand the logic behind what parents say but at some age which have that tendency just to argue with what they say! We start finding out reasons to fight with them and to do things for which they say NO!

How to deal with break ups Now, just had a break up which lasted for 2 years and now everything mom has a new story how her sister in law and her mother in law harass her. Should I deal with my 2 year relationship break up or solve her problem. This is something which we have to learn it on our own. How to tell her moms please stop all these things I have my bigger problems to deal with! How people?

What to try and what not to try
Sutta! Shrab! Sikhaya nae jata bas sikh jate hai dosto.It attracts us. Specially the age group of 16-22 where youngsters are in the phase where parents will always keep an eye on us and we tend to try alcohol and smoke and enjoy doing it.

Changes which they cannot accept
Yaha nae jana!
10 baje ghar ajana!
Ye mat pheno!
Jayada ladko/ladkiyo se bat mat karo!
These are the statements which parents throw at us and which make us more rebel in nature and we start thinking they don’t know anything. These are some changes which how much any parent try not to do it but they land up doing it.
Some things should always be kept as a secret and should learn on our own only which we can learn through mediums which are available all over ?