Your best friend or boy friend?

What do you think people best friend or boy friend!

So we have these creatures on earth called male and female with different charactertics and different personalities but still meant to be together naturally.

As these creatures are different from each other with every aspect they are also different when they get into a relationship with each other! But the point is who can better balance their relationship with best friend and boy friend.

Disclaimer: Best friend of a girl though it be boy or a girl and boy friend can never be friends.

Girls always have this tendency to give more priority obviously to their boy friend which in turn sometime can be an offensive action towards her best friend. But boys out their reading this article know how well they can maintain a balance and bhaichara among their buddies and girl friend.

Do you really think girls that you sharing your secrets with your girl best friend will always be a secret! Then you are WRONG. Girls always have this tendency to flow with the emotion and tell everything to their boyfriends and secrets what their best friend share with them. On the other part if you compare boys they always keep secret as a secret which means not sharing with anyone in the whole world till your last breath. Appreciative boys! Which also help them to maintain their bhai-bhai relation for years.

Let me even tell you guys girls also assume her best friend is jealous because she has a boy friend.I mean really girls! DUH!Many a times it destroys some friendships on just assuming that her best friend is jealous but its just that you are not able to balance between both of them because everytime its not possible two most important person in your life will understand and maintain that relation because of a sudden your attention is been given to some new guy wherein boys have that level of understading when a girl comes in their life and how to deal with such situations and deep down even they know that their best friend will be same with them who so ever come and go from their life which is I think inbuilt in their nature.

Replacing one’s best friend with their boo is something no one cak take I think.You cannot replace your best friend like a rag doll with a guy you just know from past few months but girls actually do it.Your boo should never be a replacement of your friends and if your friends can’t take this they are correct and they love you girl,which obviously girls don’t understand as far as if we talk about guys in this regards yes they are enough mature I think not to  replace their best friends with girl friend.
Friday night with girls!NO. Lunch with girls!NO. Problems with boy friend. OO Yes advice from best friend would be the super cool idea girls have. But don’t you think this is wrong and the least expected one from you.
So think before you do girls think there is a world outside your relation which can make you also feel better and your friends too and which would help you also like boys to maintain your relation with your best friend for years.