Transcription (English) :
Hello, Guys !  Welcome to Digitoss. This is Manish. and today i will not teach you about digital marketing. Today's topic will be different from digital marketing. However, before starting the video first of all I would like to say sorry. Yes i know i m late by a month gap this time to put my video as i m also busy with job everyday along with uploading my videos. But anyway, from now-on i will try to upload frequently. So, let's talk about today's topic. In today's topic i will give you some essential tips useful for your day to day life. Like today's point on how you can download any video from Youtube. Now as we know that everyone uses Youtube to watch the videos they like such as songs and even movie sometimes right ? And you wish to store these videos on your computer system . However you can't do it sometimes or if you don't know the technique, you have to watch it only live but can't download it . So some of my subscribers, my friends or else who know how to download a youtube video, this topic is not related to you. But those who don't know how to download from youtube, you are at the right place! So let's start today's topic. So first of all guys you have to do is open Youtube. Now just select any of your favorite song or movie and enter it's name in the Youtube search box. For instance i m searching a new movie trailer. So now i can view a lot of movie trailers here. For example here i m watching Dead pool 2 movie trailer to download. All you have to do is to play the video and pause it. Above you will see it's URL in the address bar. Now simple copy that URL above. Afterwards, you have to open a new website called, please note that guys. It's Spelled K E E P V I D . C O M . Now as you open this Website, simply paste the Copied URL of the youtube video here in the search box. Afterthat just click on the Download button you see here. Then as you can see, it will first download the youtube video on it's system. Right now my net connection is a bit slow, otherwise this website downloads it faster within few seconds. Now you can see the movie trailer video that i want to download is here with bit of description here. Below it as you can see you get different Formats in which you wish to download. The special factor of this website is, first you can have the video in different Formats. And secondly, you can also download an Audio Format only if u wish. Like if you just want the Audio version of the video song, it will convert it automatically and you can have the MP3 format. You get the benefit as then you don't need to put it separately into a converter to obtain the MP3 format from a video song. Hence you kill two birds with one stone! lol ...Then let's see how to do further . Now you can see different formats right? so download the best format which u wish but i would suggest that you select the video format with the Thumbs Up icon here as it's video quality is nice. Now what you have to do is, bring the cursor on desired format and right click on it. You have to select the Fourth option from above which is ' Save link as'. Now it will ask for the destination where you want to download the file. I will download on my Dekstop giving the file name Deadpool 2, as you can see. And then i ' Save ' it. You can see guys it's downloaded within seconds. Similarly, if i have to download the Audio, the procedure is same as it was for the video download and then click ' Save '. It will also take less than a minute. Now you can how easily i have downloaded my desired video, without any help of software. Instead of downloading any software, i have opened the website, then copied url from youtube and downloaded. As you can see here, my mp3 audio is downloading. Hardly 8 secs are remaining .... and now its done too. Finally, my both video & audio are downloaded. I had downloaded but still lets the quality of downloaded video.... Okay, quality is amazing. so, you have seen how easily i have downloaded my favorite video. Similarly, you can also download. So, that it guys. Now we will end this tutorial. And before closing the video, i just wanna say..please make sure you have subscribed my channel. If you have liked the video so please hit the like button and if you have any query please comment down below. I will reply you as soon as possible. Till then, Bye Bye.. Take care...See you..