YouTube is the second largest search engine after google. Which means people don’t not only search YouTube for entertainment but also for searching & learning something. So youtube is very important part of marketing strategy if you planning to promote your business. Youtube ads can raise your ROI drastically but if you don’t create a successful campaign that it could be a nightmare to you too.

Today we will learn how to create the YouTube banner ads with easy step by step guide.

1.    Login into the Google Adwords Account
2.    Click on the campaign tab & Select the new display network only campaign from campaign drop down menu

3.    Create campaign
Give your campaign name
Select type – display network only 

Choose marketing objective as per your goal otherwise, you can also go with no marketing objective

4.    Select location, language, bid strategy & budget
While you choosing bid strategy be careful. 
Use CPM (cost per thousand) – if your objective is branding or increase visit on the site.
Use CPC – If your objective is to generate conversion from your campaign. Moreover, you can also use CPA (cost per accusation) but it would be applicable only if you have min. 15 orders from the campaign. 
5.    Delivery method – standard (if your budget is limited) & accelerated (for big budget campaign)
6.    Advanced setting
7.    Schedule – only if you want to run your campaign for specific time)
8.    Device – select device where you wish to show your ads
At last, hit the button – Save & Continue 

9.    Create an Ad group
Give a name to ad group
Place you CPC/CPM amount
10.     Choose how to target your ads 
Select – use a different targeting method
Then under select a targeting method drop down menu choose placement

11.    Search YouTube & select it as a placement.

12.    Click on save & continue button
13.    Now click on the image ad tab
14.    Upload your image ad>provide ad name>place display url (your website url) >place final url (the url of your site where user will land after clicking on your ads)

      Note: (create banner ads size which supports on YouTube)
      Please find below the YouTube ads specification

15.    Then save ad

Great you have successfully created your display ads on YouTube. 
I hope you find this useful but still if you have any query, please feel free to ask by commenting.